The Kubernetes Universal Declarative Operator

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The Kubernetes Universal Declarative Operator (KUDO) is a highly productive toolkit for writing Kubernetes Operators.

… not on deploying to Kubernetes

Using KUDO you can deploy your applications, have the tools needed to operate them, and understand how they're behaving – all without a Ph.D. in Kubernetes.

Automate Day-2 Operations

KUDO lets you configure an Operator’s entire lifecycle using a declarative spec, including things like backup/restore. You don’t have to write Go unless you want to.

# What is KUDO?

KUDO is a toolkit that makes it easy to build Kubernetes Operators, in most cases just using YAML.

It provides a set of pre-built Operators, that you can use out of the box or easily customize.

Finally, KUDO lets you standardize the way you run Operators.

# What are Operators?

A stateless web application doesn’t usually need any complex configuration, or actions you need to run during operation. They are either on or off. Although you might have more than one instance running, they aren't coupled together.

A distributed stateful application consists of more than one instance that are tightly connected. They typically need a set of operations to configure and maintain them, and which are specific to the application.

Human operators of stateful applications have deep knowledge about how - and when - to run those operations.

The Operator pattern (opens new window) is a way of capturing that human knowledge. It provides a means for automating those tasks by extending the native Kubernetes API.

Operators let you perform application tasks like taking backups, rebalancing data, scaling, or changing configuration. Any tasks you might want to do during operation of an application can be automated using an Operator.

# KUDO is for you if...

You are an application administrator who wants to run your application on Kubernetes, without having to learn about Kubernetes internals.

You are a developer who wants an easy way to write Operators, without having to write thousands of lines of Go.

You run a Kubernetes cluster with many different Operators, and are looking for a way to standardise how you manage your Operators.

# Get KUDO

$ brew tap kudobuilder/tap
$ brew install kudo-cli
$ kubectl kudo init --wait

It's insanely easy to get started with KUDO - follow this handy guide!

# Get KUDO Operators

$ kubectl kudo install zookeeper

… also check out the operators repository (opens new window)!

# Join the KUDO Community

Get started with KUDO today, join the community, and build your next operator with KUDO!

You can find more talks, tutorials, and events on our community page.

KUDO is used by:

... and many others (opens new window).