# How to add an Operator to a Repository

The following are the minimum steps necessary to add an operator to a repository. This example uses the repository named "community", however you will want to use a repository for which you have admin rights.

# Preconditions

  • You have read/write access to a web based server which hosts a repository.
  • You have an operator package built (this runbook assumes the first-operator in ~/repo folder, as detailed in the create operator runbook)

# Steps

# Build an Index file

kubectl kudo repo index ~/repo --merge-repo community --url-repo community

This will download the current index from the community repository. Add all operators in the ~/repo folder to the index using the community url as the base location this operator will be hosted.

# Copy Artifacts to Repository

Copy all artifacts in the ~/repo to the server.


When updating a repository it is best to copy over all operator packages first, then update the index file.