# Announcing KUDO 0.5.0

We are proud to announce the release of KUDO v0.5.0! This release enhances the test harness and KUDO CLI making it easier to perform updates and upgrades on your operators.

To see the full changelog and the list of contributors who contributed to this release, visit the Github Release (opens new window) page.

# Release Highlights

# kudo upgrade command

With new CLI installed you can now use kubectl kudo upgrade command to upgrade running instance on your cluster from one version of operator to another one. That means you can now automatically update for example from one version of Kafka to another. Run kubectl kudo upgrade --help for more details.

# kudo update command

kubectl kudo update command provides a new way to patch parameters on a running instance of an operator. So for example if Kafka exposes parameter BROKER_MEM_LIMIT you can run kudo update --instance kafka -p "BROKER_MEM_LIMIT=4444Mi" to change it for already installed Kafka. Run kubectl kudo update --help for more details.

# Ability to execute kubectl commands using test harness

If you're using test harness to write your tests (and you should!) you can now execute kubectl commands as part of your steps. See this test (opens new window) for a reference.

# What's Next?

Next minor planned release will be 0.6.0. We will focus on implementing extensions as described in KEP-12 (opens new window) as well as improvements for observability and debugging. See the KUDO Roadmap (opens new window) for details.

Get started with KUDO today. Our community is ready for feedback to make KUDO even better!