# Hacktoberfest

For several years digitalocean has supported open source development through a fun event called Hacktoberfest. The core of the event is they will provide a hacktoberfest themed t-shirt to anyone that makes 4 pull requests on a public Github repo. We on the KUDO team want to enable people to work on KUDO and we want to contribute to the fun.

# Enabling Hacktoberfest on KUDO

Any and all pull-requests count for the event. We can always use improvements to documentation (internal to the code with godocs or in our markdown files). For those that want to contribute to code, we've provided some labels to issues to help with Hacktoberfest which are considered "low hanging fruit". The labels are Hacktoberfest and good first issue.

It is useful to know that the KUDO project consists of 3 repositories. Here is some guidance on getting started with each.

  • kudo - This is the main KUDO project which consists mainly of Go code for the KUDO controller and CLI.
  • operators - This is the repository of operators. This is a great place to add another operator if you have one in mind or to add more integration tests.
  • www - This is where the documentation lives for KUDO. To get started here, read the internal docs readme and look at open issues.

# KUDO T-Shirt

The KUDO team wants to contribute back as well. The top 5 contributors to the KUDO project during the hacktober event will receive a KUDO t-shirt!

Even though it's hacktober, don't be scared! New at development? New to Go? New to Kubernetes? No worries! The KUDO team would love to chat over slack or zoom to help get you started!

Let the Hacking Begin!!!

Ken About the author
Ken Sipe is a Distributed Application Engineer at D2iQ working on the Orchestration team. In addition to being a committer on the KUDO project, Ken is an author and award winning international speaker on the practices of software architecture and engineering and has been honored with the JavaOne Rockstar Award. Ken is also a contributor to Apache Mesos and a committer on a number of OSS projects including Marathon and Metronome. When not coding or talking about code, Ken is an IFR private pilot, a SCUBA dive master and has recently taken up the art of glass blowing. He is based in St. Charles, MO, USA. Find Ken on GitHub Twitter