# Monitoring

By default, the KUDO Kafka Operator comes with the JMX Exporter agent enabled. It also includes a Prometheus Node Exporter sidecar container to export container metrics like the disk usage of persistence volumes used by KUDO Kafka.

When the Kafka operator is deployed with the parameter METRICS_ENABLED=true (which defaults to true) then:

  • Each broker bootstraps with the JMX Exporter java agent exposing the metrics at 9094/metrics, along with a Prometheus Node Exporter sidecar exposing container metrics at 9096/metrics.
  • Adds a port named metrics and ne-metrics to the Kafka Service.
  • Adds a label kudo.dev/servicemonitor: "true" for the service monitor discovery.
  • Mounts a config map with metrics reporter for the broker container.
$ kubectl describe svc kafka-svc
Port:              metrics  9094/TCP
TargetPort:        9094/TCP
Port:              ne-metrics  9096/TCP
TargetPort:        9096/TCP

# Using the Prometheus Service Monitor

To use the prometheus service monitor, it's necessary to have installed the prometheus operator previously in the cluster.

Users can monitor the Kafka cluster using independent service monitor. Or use the one that comes with KUDO Kafka

$ kubectl kudo install kafka --instance=kafka-instance -p ADD_SERVICE_MONITOR=true

Or users can provide their own service-monitor. If Kafka is using the default namespace, we can create a service-monitor with the following:

$ kubectl create -f resources/service-monitor.yaml

Upload this grafana json and you should see the following Kafka dashboard:

Grafana Dashboards

# Disable the metrics

$ kubectl kudo install kafka --instance=kafka-instance --parameter METRICS_ENABLED=false